TG (Tanya) Seale writes Stuff.

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Stuff like novels. And plays. Speeches. Cover letters. Reports. Résumés. Social media updates. Web content. Bios. Short stories. Business letters. Love letters. Grocery lists.

She is daughter. Sister. Mother. Housekeeper. Chauffeur. Homework tutor. Expert shopper. Head honcho. Girlygirl.

Tanya’s elementary school aspirations were to become a pediatrician, beautician, or musician.  (Yeah. She sort of liked that -cian suffix.) But from very early on, she could be found typing angsty poetry, sassy song lyrics, and outlandish stories on her prized possession: an electric typewriter.

Tanya graduated magna cum laude from Webster University with a BA in English and double minors in Theatre and Scriptwriting in 2012, and earned her MFA in Dramatic Writing from Goddard College in 2017.

She lives in the Midwest and works from her downstairs office (as a writ-ician). 


A downstairs writ-ician's office

She likes fast roller coasters, spicy Tex-Mex, cheap jewelry, and smart people with a wicked sense of humor.  Oh, and Flair felt tip pens.  She likes those too.

This is not a Flair felt tip pen.  

© Tanya Seale 2015